Edited by Michael Lackner, Iwo Amelung and Joachim Kurtz. Leiden: Brill 2001 (Sinica Leidensia 52). xiv + 460 pages. ISBN: 90-04-12046-7. List price Euro 81.- / US$ 94.-.

The essays brought together in this volume deal with a variety of issues concerning the invention, dissemination and standardization of modern Chinese terms in different domains of the social and natural sciences. Topics examined range from preconceptions about the Chinese language to accomodate new ideas, the formation of specific nomenclatures and the roles of individual translators, to Chinese attempts to conceptualize the grammar of their own and foreign languages.

Table of Contents

Introduction (intro.pdf)
I. Amelung, M. Lackner, J. Kurtz

So Clumsy a Medium ...

Chinese Terminologies: On Preconceptions (alleton.pdf)
Viviane Alleton

Language Contact and Lexical Innovation (tsou.pdf)
Benjamin K. T'sou

Language in the Modernization Process: The Integration of Western Concepts and Terms into Chinese and Japanese in the Nineteenth Century (lippert.pdf)
Wolfgang Lippert

The Politics of Names

'Liberty', 'Democracy', 'President': The Translation and Usage of Some Political Terms in Late Qing China (xiong.pdf)
Xiong Yuezhi

Yi, Yang, Xi, Wai and Other Terms: The Transition from 'Barbarian' to 'Foreigner' in Late Imperial China (fang.pdf)
Fang Weigui

The Notions of 'Power' and 'Rights' in Chinese Political Discourse (svarverud.pdf)
Rune Svarverud

Negotiating Equivalence

Coming to Terms with Logic: The Naturalization of an Occidental Notion in China (kurtz.pdf)
Joachim Kurtz

An Inquiry into the History of the Chinese Terms Jiqi (Machine) and Jixie (Machinery) (zhang.pdf)
Zhang Baichun

Weights and Forces: The Introduction of Western Mechanics into Late Qing China (amelung.pdf)
Iwo Amelung

On Their Own Terms

Yan Fu and the Tasks of the Translator (wright.pdf)
David Wright

Natural Philosophy, Physics and Metaphysics in the Thought of Tan Sitong: The Concepts of Qi and Yitai (schaefer.pdf)
Ingo Schäfer

A New Inquiry into the Translation of Chemical Terms by John Fryer and Xu Shou (wang.pdf)
Wang Yangzong

Competing Nomenclatures

The Creation of Technical Terms in English-Chinese Dictionaries from the Nineteenth Century (shen.pdf)
Shen Guowei

On Mathematical Terminology: Culture Crossing in Nineteenth-Century China (breard.pdf)
Andrea Bréard

The Formation of Botanical Terminology: A Model or a Case Study? (metailie.pdf)
Georges Métailié

Grammars of Alterity

Some Reflections on the Sources of the Mashi wentong (peyraube.pdf)
Alain Peyraube

Circumnavigating the Unfamiliar: Dao'an (314-385) and Yan Fu (1852-1921) on Western Grammar (lackner.pdf)
Michael Lackner


May Fourth Linguistic Orthodoxy and Rhetoric: Some Informal Comparative Notes (harbsmeier.pdf)
Christoph Harbsmeier

Works Cited (biblio.pdf)




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