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Databases have been an essential tool of the WSC-Project from its inception. With the help of many colleagues and students, we have compiled a set of related databases to store and organize information on

i) the people involved in the transmission of Western knowledge to China;
ii) the texts these people helped to produce; and
iii) the new words employed in their writings.

A structural diagram of the databases that are currently available over our intranet is here.

At present (February 2004), the WSC-Databases contain entries on roughly 2.500 individuals, 9.500 texts and 136.000 words or expressions that were or may have been coined as equivalents of European and/or Japanese terms used in many different branches of knowledge.

A basic version of the terminological data we have compiled so far, including Chinese characters, Hanyu pinyin romanization, English translation and source reference, is available online to registered users. In order to register and access the public part of the WSC-Databases, please visit our database servers at: (Erlangen) (US Mirror, Emory)

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