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I. Monographs

New Terms for New Ideas: Western Knowledge and Lexical Change in Late Imperial China

Edited by Michael Lackner, Iwo Amelung and Joachim Kurtz. Leiden: Brill 2001 (Sinica Leidensia 52). xiv + 460 pages. ISBN: 90-04-12046-7. List price Euro 81.- / US$ 94.-.

The essays brought together in this volume deal with a variety of issues concerning the invention, dissemination and standardization of modern Chinese terms in different domains of the social and natural sciences. Topics examined range from preconceptions about the Chinese language to accomodate new ideas, the formation of specific nomenclatures and the roles of individual translators, to Chinese attempts to conceptualize the grammar of their own and foreign languages. Most of the contributions have evolved from papers presented at the WSC-Workshop "Researching Modern Chinese Technical Terminologies. Methodological Considerations and Practical Problems" and the Round-Table Discussion "The Role of Japanese as an Intermediate Language in the Formation of Modern Chinese Scientific Terminologies".

For more information, contact Patricia Radder (radder@brill.nl) or click here. Purchase orders may be directed at: Brill Academic Publishers, P.O. Box 9000, 2300 PA Leiden, The Netherlands. Tel.: +31-71-5353566, Fax: +31-71-5317532. Email: cs@brill.nl.

De l'un au multiple. Translations from Chinese into European Languages

Sous la direction de Viviane Alleton & Michael Lackner. Paris: Éditions de la Maison des sciences de l'homme 1999. viii + 344 pages. ISBN: 2-7351-0768-x. List price FF 195 (Euro 29,73).

A collection of essays in English and French highlighting the trials and tribulations of the translation of Chinese into European languages, mapping the diversity of the idioms and the personalities involved in this complex process during the last three centuries. Variations on the proximity or distance between the translator and the original text, of his own imprint and times, the chosen genre and of course the target and intermediary languages. By reviewing a sample of literary, philosophical and scientific texts, this volume illustrates what is really and phantasmagorically at stake in the relations between China and Europe. Rather than presenting confrontations, the essays aim to deepen mutual understanding through investigations into the multilayered process of translation.

For further information click here or contact Dolores Jaulin (jaulin@msh-paris.fr). Purchase orders may be directed at: CID, 131, bd Saint-Michel, F-75005 Paris, France. Tel.: +33-1-4354-4715, Fax: +33-1-4354-8073, eMail: cid@msh-paris.fr.

Western Knowledge in Late Imperial China, 1800-1911. An Annotated Bibliography
(Wan Qing xixue dongjian shumu tiyao)

Edited by Michael Lackner et al. Leiden, Boston, Köln: Brill (in preparation)

The bibliography is intended as a reference tool for anyone interested in the transmission of western sciences, philosophies and technologies into China during the later years of the Qing dynasty. The two volumes (Volume I: Philosophy, Logic, Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Medicine; Volume II: Social Sciences, History, Law Education and Humanities) will include data on monographs (translations, textbooks as well as independent studies) introducing or discussing knowledge from or about "the West" that were published in Chinese between ca. 1800 and 1911. All entries will be classified by subjects. The sections on each subject will be opened by a short introductory essay outlining the history of the transmission and reception of the respective branch of knowledge in China. The individual entries will be listed in chronological order. In addition to raw bibliographical data each entry will include a brief sketch on the purpose, contents, influence and any other kind of noteworthy pecularity of the title under consideration. Finally, there will be a biographical appendix on the people involved in the process of translation and a number of indexes.

For a draft entry to the bibliography, please click here.

The Terms of Modern Science and Culture in China. An Historical Dictionary

Edited by Michael Lackner et al. Leiden, Boston, Köln: Brill (in preparation).

The dictionary will contain sketches on the historical evolution of the key terms and organizing notions of the natural and social sciences as well as philosophy and the humanities in modern Chinese, with special emphasis on developments in the late imperial and early republican periods. The sketches will provide detailed analyses of the competing Chinese translations for scientific notions derived from Western languages or Japanese and the process of their standardization in the sinophone world(s). The dictionary is compiled by drawing on contemporary bilingual dictionaries, translations of scientific texts from Western languages and Japanese, textbooks, introductory studies and articles as well as travel reports by Chinese students and diplomats. In general, the entries for a specific notion, such as "metaphysics", "democracy", "inference", "atom" or "culture", will concentrate on the formative phase of the development of the modern Chinese terms from about 1830 until their standardization. In more complex cases, the entries will go beyond these limits and include further information, e.g., terms suggested by Jesuit translators etc. The entries will be arranged alphabetically according to their English equivalents. Quick access to Chinese terms, no matter whether still in use or obsolete, will be ensured by various indexes.

For a draft entry to the dictionary (in BIG5 encoding), please click here.

II. Articles

Iwo Amelung
- "Von der 'Untersuchung der Dinge' zur 'Fachwissenschaft'", TU Intern1997.11, 11.
- "Chinesisch als Wissenschaftssprache. Zur Entstehung der modernen chinesischen Terminologie", Das neue China XXIV:4 (1997), 20-21.
- "Taking Science as Root", paper presented to the 8th International Conference on the History of Science in China, Berlin, 23-28 August 1998.
- "Weights and Forces. The Introduction of Western Mechanics into Late Imperial China", in: M. Lackner, I. Amelung and J. Kurtz (eds), New Terms for New Ideas, 197-232.
- "Physik", in: Brunhild Staiger and Stefan Friedrich (eds), China-Handbuch, Hamburg: Institut für Asienkunde (in print).

Iwo Amelung & Joachim Kurtz
- "Researching Modern Chinese Technical Terminologies: Methodological Considerations and Practical Problems (Workshop Report)", EACS Newsletter16 (Feb. 1998), 6-12.
- dito(abridged version), Bulletin of the International Society for East Asian Science, Technology and Medicine, 1998.1, 3-5.
- dito (German version), Asien 68 (July 1998), 68-72.

Fang Weigui
- "Deguo 'Jinxiandai Hanyu xueshu yongyu' yanjiu xiangmu jianjie", Ciku jianshe tongxun 14 (Nov. 1997), 5-7.
- "Jinxiandai Hanyu xueshu yongyu guoji taolunhui: yanjiu fangfa yu juti wenti", Ciku jianshe tongxun16 (May 1998), 13-16.
- "Jinxiandai Zhongguo 'wenming', 'wenhua' guan. Lun jiazhi zhuanhuan ji gainian shanbian", Shilin,1999.4, 69-83. Reprinted in: Zhongguo renmin daxue baokan fuyin ziliao, "Zhongguo jindaishi", 2000.4.
- "'Yi', 'yang', 'xi' und 'wai'. Zum wort- und begriffsgeschichtlichen Wandel des Chinesischen im 19. Jahrhundert", in: Orientierungen. Zeitschrift zur Kultur Asiens 2000.1, 15-46.
- "'Yihui', 'minzhu' yu 'gonghe' gainian zai Xifang yu Zhongguo de shanbian" (The Evolution of the Concepts of 'Parliament', 'Democracy' and 'Republic'), Ershiyi shiji. Twenty-First Century 2000.4 (no. 58), 49-61.
- "Yi, Yang, Xi, Wai and Other Terms: The Transition from 'Barbarian' to 'Foreigner' in Late Imperial China", in: M. Lackner, I. Amelung and J. Kurtz (eds), New Terms for New Ideas, 95-124.

Joachim Kurtz
- "Wissenschaftssprache Chinesisch", Spektrum1997.1, 20-22.
- "Wissenschaft, Technik und Philosophie in China" (mit Li Wenchao und W. Schnell), TU Intern 2000.7, 11.
- "Coming to Terms with Logic: The Naturalization of an Occidental Notion in China", in: M. Lackner, I. Amelung and J. Kurtz (eds), New Terms for New Ideas, 147-176.
- "Logik", in: Brunhild Staiger and Stefan Friedrich (eds), China-Handbuch, Hamburg: Institut für Asienkunde (in print).
- "Yuyan jiechu yu jindai Zhongguo sixiangshi" (Language Contact and Modern Chinese Intellectual History), forthcoming in: B. T'sou and Yao Rujie (eds.), Yuyan jiechu, Beijing: Zhongguo minzu chubanshe.
- "New Terms for Telling the Truth. Random Notes on the Formation of Chinese Logical Terminology, 1886-1911", forthcoming in: F. Pregadio and Wang Chunmei (eds.), Beyond the Four Seas: Science and Technology in China and the West, 1600-2000.
- "Translating the Science of Sciences. European and Japanese Models in the Formation of Modern Chinese Logical Terminology" (in preparation).

Michael Lackner
- "Research Project Chinese Technical Terms", EACS Newsletter 12 (Feb. 1997), 32.
- "'Grosszügig aushalten'? 'Duldend ertragen'? Die 'Toleranz' des Westens 'tolerieren'? Zur schwierigen Bestimmung von Toleranzkonzepten in China", in: Alois Wierlacher (ed.), Kulturthema Toleranz. Zur Grundlegung einer interdisziplinären und interkulturellen Toleranzforschung, Munich: Iudicium 1996, 479-494.
- "Anmerkungen zur historischen Semantik von 'China', 'Nation' und 'Chinesischer Nation' im modernen Chinesisch", in: Horst Turk et al. (eds), Kulturelle Grenzziehungen,Göttingen: Wallstein 1998.
- "Wortfindungsmühen der Chinesen. Integration westlicher Wissenschaft", Gegenworte 7 (2001), 72-75.
- "Circumnavigating the Unfamiliar: Dao'an (314-385) and Yan Fu (1852-1921) on Western Grammar", in: M. Lackner, I. Amelung and J. Kurtz (eds), New Terms for New Ideas, 357-370.

Yvonne Schulz Zinda
- "Some Remarks on the Terminology of Jin Yuelin's Works", paper presented to the conference Chinese Scholars on Chinese Philosophy, KU Leuven, August 1998.
- "Chinese Traditional Terms with a New Western Background. The Case of Jin Yuelin", paper presented at the Centre Chine, EHESS, Paris, November 1998.

Natascha Vittinghoff
- "Translating Western Knowledge into Late Imperial China: Introduction to the Modern Chinese Scientific Terminology Project", History and Culture, II:2 (1999), 42 - 44.
- Review of David Pollard (ed.), "Translation and Creation. Readings of Western Literature in Early Modern China, 1840-1918", China Review International, Spring 2000.
- "Constantin von Hanneken. Briefe aus China. 1879-1886. Als deutscher Offizier im Reich der Mitte", Asiatische Studien, 2000 (in print).
- "Wissenschaftsgeschichte", in: Brunhild Staiger and Stefan Friedrich (eds), China-Handbuch, Hamburg: Institut für Asienkunde (in print).

Xiong Yuezhi
- "Tan jindai Hanyu cihuishi yanjiu", Shehui kexue bao5.2.1998, 4.


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